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Waste tyre recycling is a worldwide problem

Times:2016-01-08   Author:zhengyangtire

A large number of waste tires to pile up not only has obvious environmental pollution problems, but also a serious fire hazard exists. Than more serious pollution is the danger of fire and the underground water, once the pollution of underground water, will endanger the survival of all living creatures. In addition, the tires in addition to the production process of waste gas, waste water pollution, such as the rapid increase of the number is causing serious pollution of the earth, a lot of challenges to environmental protection. In some areas, even waste tires is used as a fuel, serious pollution makes nothing grows around. Due to the particularity of its structure and composition, and open-air pile of scrap tire once ignited, it’s very difficult to control and extinguish, and will produce large amount of smoke and toxic pollutants, serious environmental pollution and the threat to human health. As a result, the pollution caused by waste tires has become the survivability problem of human face.

How to well deal with the waste tires, or how to reuse waste tires up, etc., and became an important task in today’s society.
It is known that old tires in the industry known as “black pollution”, its recovery and processing technology has been a worldwide problem, is also the problem of environmental protection. Relevant statistics show that at present all over the world each year, 1.5 billion or so tire scrap, everyday want to produce more than 400 ten thousand old tires. The world’s leading automotive industrial scrap tire has more than 300 million a year in the United States, Europe, every year there are more than two hundred million tyre scrap, Japan has more than 100 million tyre scrap.
Our company committed to the development and production of environmental protection equipment, according to a growing number of scrap tire, we have the tyre powder production machine and tyre pyrolysis plan system, help us to recycle waste tyre.

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