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Waste tyre recycling system Preliminary built-Change black pollution useful resources

Times:2016-01-12   Author:zhengyangtire

With the high-speed development of “automobile age” is not only comfortable and fast transport, the arrival of peak and tyre scrap. Both pollution and resource waste tyre, double identity has always been the difficulty of solid waste treatment industry.

Besides was discarded and the occupation of land resources deposited in the open air, reuse of recycled powder, mainly do production of raw rubber, thermal cracking refinery several ways.
At present, the company through research produced waste tyre powder recycling system and tire pyrolysis system project, also has been committed to the development and production of environmental protection equipment, promote the development of industry standards.
In recent years, waste tyre has increased dramatically. According to the ministry statistics show that by the end of 2014, China’s 264 million units, of which 154 million cars, motor vehicle drivers exceed 300 million people. As the car into the ordinary family, car ownership in China in recent years has been a rapid growth trend. However, with the popularity of cars, waste such as old tires also increase gradually, and continue to increase.
The above data in surprise at the same time also let people deeply worried, also found that in recent years, cause the safety accidents caused by waste tires is we see an endless, such as fire caused by a large number of long-term accumulation of waste tires, and so on. It also confirms the expert inside course of study deeply worried about this, this is a big problem about people living environment.
As early as 1992 in Quebec, Canada set up waste tyre recycling management committee, and every processing a tire through legislation to give two c subsidies, the United States also give $0.4 ~ 4 subsidies. In Taiwan, processing a waste tyre subsidies nt $3200. In Hong Kong, special administrative region, dealing with a waste tires subsidies hk $485.

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