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Wear on the foot of the “waste tires”

Times:2016-01-21   Author:zhengyangtire

Before use recycled plastic to make shoes adidas, the innovation behavior is supported by many consumers. Now have a innovative idea again, use waste tyre manufacturing slippers, waste tires can “wear” to the feet, have you ever thought.
Now in Kenya, India, Sweden, Detroit, where the idea has been applied to the reality. According to statistics, each year will produce 1.5 billion discarded tires, such a large number of waste tires how to deal with a problem. Waste tires into slippers is a very good idea.
There is a group of environmentalists in these countries are developing the market, this kind of slippers in Kenya price at about $2-5, much cheaper than the shop near slippers, but its life is 10 times higher than the ordinary slippers. At the local, this kind of slippers and a nickname “far away”, because it is more than the rhinoceros leather wear, a pair of shoes can wear more than a decade.
The present this kind of slippers is made of special material to quietly changing people’s aesthetic habits, become a trend. Some online retailers by designers to make fine from waste tires for women’s shoes, increase the added value of its own, been a favourite of many women.
Waste tires resource has the characteristics of large scale, low cost, and applied to the shoe production must wide prospect of market. Also in the process of it into a shoe its added value has been greatly improved, so the profit will be considerable.
Have to say this is a very good idea, for the time being, the recycling of waste tires is given priority to with production of rubber powder, but this is a very good innovation, also hope that more people can have more like innovation to change our world.

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