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Well waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Times:2015-09-07   Author:zhengyangtire

Well waste tyre pyrolysis plant is to put the waste tire pyrolysis, the main function of oil and natural gas, etc., is a way of waste tyre recycling.
The work process of Well waste tyre pyrolysis plant
1. Make the reactor is 0.4 r/min, clockwise put raw material in the reactor shut the door.
2. Material burning fuels (coal, wood, or natural gas, oil) furnace. Reactors will slowly heating, when the temperature reached 180 degrees Celsius, the oil and gas will come out. Then go to the cooling system and liquid oil.
Some non-condensable gases, not through gas cooling will cause the furnace tube which will be used to heat the reactor. This can save your energy. Only the first heating energy use 2 hours a day. The first 2 hours after the main use of natural gas, little energy. After pyrolysis, all oil and gas from the reactor temperature will fall down. And then let it counterclockwise, carbon black start of discharge.
3. When the temperature deduce to 50 degrees Celsius, workers can take out the wire opened the door of the reactor.
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