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What are the advantages of waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Times:2016-07-25   Author:zhengyangtire

Waste tyre pyrolysis plant specific advantages as follows:
1、New type tyre pyrolysis plant adopts international top technology, zero stripping technology, differs from traditional technology in thermal decomposition process does not need to use a special process with rubber wire secondary separation, such operations to reduce the energy consumption is critical, so as to reduce capital investment, to a great extent improve the economic benefit increases.
2、In order to effectively ensure the gas not to overflow in the production process, improve the efficiency of thermal cracking and thermal cracking adopting micro pressure technology, the advantage is fundamentally eliminate the unsafe hidden danger caused by gas spillover.
3、New type tyre  pyrolysis plant in the production process, rubber after thermal cracking, most into liquid oil, a small amount of combustible gas cycle used as fuel pyrolysis furnace. To ensure that the pyrolysis furnace heat energy supply, reduce the emissions, improve the economic benefits and environmental benefits.
4、New type tyre  pyrolysis plant design in line with international standards, compact structure, scientific and efficient production line design, the operation security and stability, strong processing capacity, tie-in appropriate, between each system to improve work efficiency, reduce energy consumption, protect the ecological environment has positive significance.

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