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What equipment does waste tire rubber powder need?

Times:2019-12-03   Author:zhengyangtire

What equipment is needed for the production of rubber powder for waste tires? We all know that used tires are currently one of the largest pollution sources in world, also known as black pollution. More waste tires are beginning to appear.

tire recycling equipment

tire recycling equipment

At present, the most effective treatment method is to collect and crush the used tires and convert them into rubber powder and particles that can be reused. So how to treat waste tires into rubber powder, and what equipment is needed?
Firstly, the tire wire must be removed from the scrap tire, and then the scrap tire is cut, shredded, and then granulated or ground into a powder with a desired mesh size for reuse.
Because waste tires are converted to rubber powder, wire drawing machines, segmenters, tire shredders, wire separators, granulators, mills, fiber dust collectors, and pulse dust removal equipment are generally used. Compared with the buried treatment method, it is more environmentally friendly and efficient, and the waste tires are recycled again.
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