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What is the waste tyre recycling line?

Times:2016-10-25   Author:zhengyangtire

What is the waste tyre recycling line? Because with the rapid development of automobile industry, increasing amount of scrap, waste tires, resulting in a large number of waste tires, accumulated a lot of waste tires is easy to cause fire, the harm such as occupation of land, the emergence of waste tyre recycling production line is very good to solve the problem.

What is the waste tyre recycling line?
What is the waste tyre recycling line?
1. Hydraulic tire steel extractor: It can separate the steel wire of tyre.
2. Whole tyre shredder: Tyre shredder is already shredding the tires broken to around 50 mm rubber piece of special equipment, after the first broken strip through the screening system was round steel sieve back into the crushing chamber, further broken, conform to the requirements of the rubber block by rotary screen mesh leakage.
3. Rubber crushing mill: Crushing the rubber piece to 6-12 mm rubber particles of special equipment.
4. Magnetic Separator: feed opening mill from rubber products are: rubber particles, steel wire. Through the magnetic separator can separate the steel wire.
5. Micro rubber Grinding Unit: Micro rubber Grinding Unit is 5-10 object of rubber particles grinding into 40 mesh to 120 mesh rubber powder of special equipment.
6. Fiber Separator: separate the fibers in rubber powder

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