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What is The Whole Waste Tires Recycling Machine Used For?

Times:2018-04-18   Author:zhengyangtire

Whole waste Tires recycling machine is used to deal with waste rubber tires, the final product is rubber powder, its main working principle is the finished product is obtained by grinding flour, rubber powder with a variety of purposes, such as: rubber runway, soles, etc. This is an environmentally friendly way.

Whole waste Tires recycling machine Features:

1. The metal removal rate is more than 99.5%, fiber removal rate > 98%

2. Compact structure to ensure the safety of operation, easy maintenance. And low energy consumption;

3. The automatic control system, can greatly reduce the labor, thus reduce cost;

4. No waste water and waste gas emissions, protect the environment.

Whole waste Tires recycling machine with No waste gas, waste water and carbon, the equipment is the reuse of water and cooling water, no emission, equipment noise is within the range specified by the state, rubber powder fineness can be adjusted by it, old tires, for example, the process is as follows: decomposition, crushing, screening, magnetic separation, grin – ding, finished product production.

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