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What’s the Rubber Powder Production Line

Times:2017-08-16   Author:zhengyangtire

Our complete rubber powder production line can crush the whole tyres into rubber granules with size of 30 to 200mesh. The whole process line includes: tyre wire puller, tyre cutting machine, tire shredder, belt conveyor, coarse crusher, superfine rubber mill, screw conveyer, fiber separator, rubber powder classifier, and rubber vibrating magnetic separator.

Advantages of Waste Tyre Recycling Rubber Powder Production Line

1. This production line is environmentally friendly, there is free of odor, waste water and residue. It is researched and developed by our technical personnel, and combined with advanced technology at home and abroad, and it has obtained a dozen patents.

2. It is controlled by automatic PLC, with easy operation and high efficiency

3. It is equipped with special grinding wheels, which can produce 30-200mesh rubber powder.

At present, you can find waste tyre everywhere, people have found business opportunities to recycle waste tires. Are you looking for a type of recycling machine to change tyre into rubber powder? Now, Zhengyang Machinery will supply you with the best rubber powder production line.

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