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Why do we need to recycle waste tyres?

Times:2016-09-22   Author:zhengyangtire

Tyres are in not melt or refractory elastic polymer material, the material is not easy to degrade, easy to affect the soil, piling up on the earth waste tyre, deposited in the open air for a long time not only takes up a large amount of land resources, but also easy to breed mosquitoes spread disease, the serious deterioration of natural environment, vegetation destroy plants, seriously endanger the earth’s ecological environment, and may cause fire, threat to people’s life and property safety, so the landfill and incineration are not applicable and waste tires processing.
Why do we need to recycle waste tyres?
The emergence of the tire recycling line is very good to solve the problem, the equipment can make out of scrap tire rubber powder, rubber powder can be used for a variety of fields, such as the runway, amusement facilities, waterproof layer, this way of recycling waste tyres is the most widespread method, the utilization of waste tires is also the highest.
Waste tire recycling line adopts physical dry way of recycling, no pollution, not only handle the waste tyres, also protect our environment, we are committed to environmental protection equipment research and development and production, welcome to our factory inspection.

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