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Why We Need Hydraulic Tyre Cutter?

Times:2017-06-08   Author:zhengyangtire

Tyre Cutter is also called the tyre sidewall cutting machine,tyre debeader. The machine is used:to cut the tyre into sections at any length.It can be applied to cut any kind of rubber tyres.

We all know that whether tire to granules plant or tire pyrolysis project, we are all need to tire broken first, so as to let the project with high recovery efficiency, Sometimes the tires are so large that they can’t be broken directly by the tyre shredder, you need to use tyre cutting machine.

For the tyre pyrolysis plant, The diameter of a reactor of the tire pyrolysis plant is 1.2m, if the diameter of your waste tires’ is bigger then it, we suggest you cutting the tires first and let it easier to feeding the reactor. Or, if you want to feed more tires into the reactor, you should be better to cut the tires into pieces first and save the space of reactor.

Tyre Cutter is consists of motor,hydraulic system,oil cylinder,a pair of knife,machine shelf,and driven mechanism.Its work theory is as the following:the motor drives the hydraulic system and oil cylinder,put the tyre between the knives,the start the cutting knifes to form a scissors to cut off the tyres.

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